Long Term Relationships

Princess Giulia is now accepting applications for long-term female-led D/s relationships.

“The second I left the edge I trusted utterly in becoming Hers, and Hers alone. Now I am someone new. […] She will not only make me into a better slave, but to learn to take pleasure in that role, in my place at Her feet.”
One of Giulia’s submissives

A Note on D/s

D/s stands for dominance and submission. It is a practice in which one person voluntarily gives up his or her control to another for the purpose of mutual enjoyment. Some individuals use D/s only as a sexual role-play, while others may live out a D/s relationship dynamic 24/7. D/s is first and foremost a psychological structure, though it can also involve physical acts. It is common in the BDSM community and can be combined with other aspects of kink and fetish, or not. Princess Giulia views D/s as a profound and life-changing style of power exchange that creates positive transformation in both Domme and sub. The ultimate goal of D/s is not to punish, but to help make the sub a better human being. For further introductory information, please click here.

Selection Process

Applicants who are eligible for a long-term female-led relationship will be chosen from a very select pool. To become eligible you must undergo an interview and screening process which will potentially result in you entering into a real, binding contract which surrenders self-ownership to Princess Giulia on a two-month trial basis. Terms will be custom-tailored to suit the demands and idiosyncrasies of each individual D/s dynamic.  During the two-month trial period, applicants will be evaluated for the possibility of becoming one of Princess Giulia’s ongoing, full-time collared submissives, at her sole discretion.

Do not underestimate the sacrifices which will be required of you if you choose to go down this road with Princess Giulia. And yet, also do not underestimate the benefits and privileges that will become available to you if you turn out to be capable of being owned by an elite Princess such as Her.*

To begin the screening process, please e-mail a photocopy or scan of the front and back of a current form of government-issued photo ID to PrincessGiuliaRicci@gmail.com. Then, fill out the form below and Princess will contact you for a phone or Skype interview. Note that while it is not a dealbreaker, applicants who are unwilling to provide a photo ID, employer contact information or a legitimate phone number will be ineligible for real time sessions. Please be assured that Giulia will always protect any information you provide to her with the utmost standards of privacy and respect. If you wish, she can delete your information once the screening process is complete.

There is an application fee of $19.99 which you may pay via Niteflirt by clicking here. Applications not accompanied by payment will not be reviewed.

 *All prospective clients note that while Princess Giulia appears fully nude during webcam modeling sessions, she does not offer sex, sexual acts, or nudity during any real time sessions which may occur over the course of a D/s relationship. She won’t see you if you disrespect her time or her boundaries.